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doesn't change everything? it-it doesn't change us. maybe you're right. maybe i... don't remember how to be close with somebody. but can you look me in the eye and tell me that you don't still have feelings for... (both sigh) she still loves you, vincent. maybe you need to find out if you still love her. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org >>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> a major break in that violent shooting and car crash in las vegas that killed an oakland rap artist. after a week on the run, the prime suspect is arrested. >>> horror for a woman standing with her child quite a distance from the shooting that killed two santa cruz police officers. she's hit by a stray bullet. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. those stories in a minute. a wild fire is right now burning out of control. voluntary evacuations are in effect south of rancho larupa regional park. the fire broke out just after 4:00 this afternoon. it spread from ten acres to 50 in an hour threening homes and buildings. right now, it's only 20% con
. are schools producing graduates that can succeed in a changing world, and what can we do to decrease the national dropout rate now at 35%. easter believes updating traditional teaching is the answer. she knows because she does it everyday. she has been shaking up the status quo at high schools for 27 years. she is a teacher of the year and with the carnegie foundation for the advancement of teaching. they believe esther's ideas, changing classroom into more relevant models works. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much for having me here. >> this is a topic near and dear to my heart because i am a former teacher. you said a lot of it need to change. what is not working? >> today we have teachers teaching the way they did 100 years ago. teachers are standing up in front of the class and lecturing. how does that teach you anything for the most part, because lecturing is not an effective way to learn. kids take notes, take the tests, a multiple choice test on friday. the question is, is this the most effective way to learn? my answer is no, that is not the most effec
to refuse? mulling over millions to change its name to a dating website. ,,,,,,,,,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> a dating website is trying to conquer new territory. sugardaddy.com picked a bay area town and said -- >> hey, we'll give you lots of money if you change your money to our website's name. kpix5's david jackson on the outlandish offer and the city's response. >> it's a surprise offer to an unlikely town, but not so fast. dating site, sugardaddy.com offered $12 million to wood side, if the village would legally change its name to sugardaddy.com, california. wood side chosen because of it small size and extreme wealth, which means you're looking at a tremendous amount of affluent, older gentleman. so we figured it's a good place to plant our flag. >> that means you are serious? >> the men were unanimous, no s
! and it's going to change. >> not mentioned by the pope, but mentioned by about 6 million folks out here. highs in the 70s and 80s. walnut creek and belmont, 78, 77. even the cooler sports were still warm. hayward, 73, san francisco, 71. conspicuously cooler, half moon bay! only a high of 57. changes are coming. we're so warm, the change has to be cooler weather, and it is. the onshore flow will come back as soon as tonight. and many who did not receive fog this morning will wake up to low cloud cover and fog tomorrow. murdering their teenage daughter's pimp -- will go trial. >>> a bay area couple accused of murdering their teenaged daughter's pimp will go to trial. they say they killed calvin sneed in san francisco last summer, a week after they tried to shoot him in los angeles. the first degree murder charges they're facing could carry the death penalty. >> there's a tremendous amount. premeditation here. this is not something that occurred in the heat of passion. >> a relative and family friend are also charged in the case. they will all be tried together. >>> thieves are getting mo
's womb. the same exposure to prenatal testosterone and estrogen changes how the limb brick -- limbec brain is organized. >> huh,. >> it's a marker for subtle brain differences seated with the joinedder and transscend gender. >> chapter 5, was eating that full of ice cream there. you got into the men and women thing. >> yeah. >> and a lot of people would think competitive woman, you know, she's too edgy or too rough, she's not nice and could be evil. yet, these are the women who get ahead. where am i wrong in that? >> i don't know about the characteristic temp ram. >> and that is what people think. >> and one of the things they thought was certainly what is a major social issue. how many women are represented in politics and especially at the national level. >> 18-point something%, 18.8. >> this great victories, right, of the women running in november and it's still only 18%. >> uh. >> the scientists for years said, well, women must be less competitive and turns out to be totally wrong. it's that women are good at judging the odds of whether they have a chance to win. >> uh. >> the me
for sierra lamar's return. >>> plus, signs of change for the catholic church as pope francis prepares for the first sunday blessing, and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we start with developing news out of yuba county. races are called off tonight after a deadly crash at the marysville raceway park. authorities say at least two people were killed when one of the cars lost control and slammed into the pit area. the victims were a 60-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy. according to the "sacramento bee" the driver was a 17-year- old from petaluma high. this is not the first deadly crash at the marysville raceway. in 2010 the driver of a big rig dried during the raceway's, first ever big rig race. >>> and nascar officials are reviewing after the crash last month. it sent parts of the car through an overlocked gate and into the stands. 30 fans were injured there. >>> well, a night of celebration for a long time brook lee institution was interrupted by violence this morning. two staff members were shot during the robbery at the ashkenaz community music and dance center. kpix 5 reporter d
exhausted and did not want to talk on camera. overcome with gratitude, the baby's mother changed her mind. >> i want to say thank you to everybody. thank you for everyone, the police department, everything. my baby is okay, thank god, and i am happy and i want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. >> the five hour search ended when a neighbor found the infant in the alley way of duplexes. she was still inside the stolen suv. the doors were unlocked, she was unbuckled and crouched in her baby seat. carlos was first on seat and gabriella gave him a hug. >> you feel compelled and obligated. we were going to make sure none of us were going to go home until we found her. >> the ordeal began at 6:30 this morning when her mother was loading the suv to get ready for work. she left the engine running, but didn't fasten the infant seat belt. >> she left her seconds, anything can happen in seconds. >> she got back to the vehicle as it drove off. >> the mom was screaming hysterically and we ran out because we thought someone tried to run away with the baby or something. but no, so we just ca
equally obvious about their hesitation to make sweeping changes. justice, sonya coat sotomoyer had this. >> we let racial segregation for 50 years. from 1988 to 1954. >> justice samuel said the issue of same-sex marriage is newer than cell phones and the internet. >> i think it was first adopted in the netherlands in 2000. so there isn't a lot of data about its effect. >> one of the issues was the children of same-sex couples and how ruling would effect them. conservative issues. >> if you redefine marriage to include same-sex couples, you must permit adoptions by same- sex couples and there is disagreement among sociologists as to what the consequences of raising a child in a single sex family. whether that is harmful to the child or not. >> but potential swing vote, anthony kennedy, said the almost 40,000 children of same- sex parents in california had their voices heard. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the supreme court. >> california's roller coaster league battle over same-sex marriage began nine years ago. valentine's weekend, 2004. that's when then, san francisco mayor, gav
because the times they are changing. >> what is different about this vehicle is it is more compact. >> lieutenant peter is showing off pleasant hill's newest police car. it's called a police intercepter, but looks more like a ford taurus. it has front wheel drive and a more fuel efficient engine and designed to handle all the modern communications equipment. >> this car was built with all the electronics in mind. so it's more efficient and you don't have to worry about dead batteries and things like that. >> demand for leaner cars has caused exeans like ford, gm, and dodge to retool their offerings, but these vehicles are the work space for patrol officers and they'll have to get used to less spacious surroundings. >> officers nowadays, many more are much more physically fit and they can sit in a vehicle a lot better. >> the tighter quarters will be noticeable for those who end up in the backseat as well. >> i don't think it would be a comfortable fit. fortunately, pleasant hill isn't that large of a city. so the trip from anywhere, some person got arrested to the jail isn't
of it staying west of the mountains, but a sign that things are changing. first the cloud cover moving through today and widespread rainfall coming in. here's the deal, big storm systems coming on in, but it's not a big deal. giving us light showers along the coastline here tomorrow. i think that you will get through your morning commute tomorrow rain free. after that, that's where we're going to have rain moving in. updated rainfall totals that will be getting a bit higher in the next 20 minutes. >> thank you, paul. the world economy hit another speed bump today. once again they came from europe. this time in a good old fashion bank run. cbs news reporter on the tax plan that emptied out the atm's. >> there is growing anger. hundreds gathered in the streets to protest their bank accounts. they were trying to pull their money out. and that the banks will shut down at least until thursday as they are waiting for the banks to reopen. >> it is our time to draw all that money. we can't trust them anymore. yeah, it's sick. >> reporter: the secret administrators met on monday to discuss a plan. the
than move away and change her whole life. and i don't think that's reasonable. >> reporter: there were many people in the area at the time of the stabbing. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> san jose police say there could be a significant cash reward for information in the case. >>> a san francisco club is shut down following a triple shooting overnight. an argument led to gunn fire inside the 330 rich nightclub around 1:30 am. by the time it was over, three people had been shot, one critically. a spokesman says investigators are looking at surveillance footage from the club. the city's entertainment commission shut the club down for at least the weekend. >>> a man shot and killed in san leandro while trying to protect his mother-in-law. two unidentified suspects tried to rob the woman last night. the 33-year-old man was shot after coming out of the house to help. both suspects took off in a dark-colored sedan. >>> the fbi needs your help identifying an east bay bank robbery suspect. they call him the buttoned-down bandit. authorities say he's committed
with over 500 posts a day, positive posts of people's lives being changed. i've had the best-selling real estate books in america for over five years now, so this is what i do and now is the time. and if i have to select certain cities throughout the country and get this message in people's hands, that's what i'll do. >> you're telling me that even with all the ups and downs, all the books you've written, the training you do, you still are actively investing in real estate yourself and have been for all these years. >> yeah, i mean, here's the thing: there's a lot, there could be some really amazing books out there and so-called gurus out there, but one thing that i'll share is you gotta be careful about the so-called guru that did a couple deals in the late '80s or '90s, then created some program and has been selling the same program for 15 years or 10 years or trying to force you into the "theory" of real estate. i don't teach the theory of real estate. i stay sharp and in tune. this is what i do. when i say i bought over 300 properties in the last few months, that wasn't a big condomin
plan and who wants to pick up and leave and change and get a different plan. >> all right. >> and one of the things you're saying is since it's tied to employers, we needed something that gives individuals more choice, is that right? >> yes. >> is there a provision for that in the plan or is that something that we're looking at something as an amendment to the plan? >> there are provisions, and the health exchanges that are scheduled to start next year, presumably, will offer this. >> we don't know. >> what are the health exchanges. break this down. most of us don't know what that means. >> what a health exchange will be, presumably, because all the regulations are not written yet. >> uh. >> will be that the state can run groups of insurance companies that people can vie to get different types of insurance coverage. people can get subsidies for the coverages if they don't qualify, they're not low-income enough to qualify for medicaid. in california, it's called medi- cal. >> okay. >> and up to 400% of poverty level, which is $88,000 for a family of four. >> and this is kind of a safet
offshore than we first thought. rain is still on the way, but the timing and the amounts have changed. completely dry through midmorning tomorrow. the heaviest rainfall will fall in the north bay. so the rain holding off a little bit longer than first thought. details coming up. >>> san jose police are investigating their seventh homicide of the year after a fatal stabbing near a park. the victim was a young man in his teens or early 20s. police found his body just before 4:00 this afternoon. so far no arrests and no word on a motive. >>> an emotional day in an oakland courtroom for a woman whose husband came to the bay area for a job area and was murdered. she was returning to his rental car in july of 2010 when two people approached and demanded money. he told them he had only $17 and he was shot to death. video caught the suspects leaving the scene. today his widow came face-to-face with the accused. >> even though i have to face all this againisti wanted to do this last thing for my husband. so i'm trying my best to do this. >> his widow is headed home to virginia tonight. doesn't
gay marriage illegal. cbs reporter, nancy cordis on why that senator changed his mind. >> 21-year-old will feeted six words this morning, especially proud of my dad today. the senator told cnn that will was a freshman at yale university two years ago when he surprised his parents with this news. >> my son came to jane, my wife and i, told us that he was gay and that it was not a choice and that that's part of who he is and he's been that way ever since he could remember. >> portman is a conservative first-term senator. he was one of 117 cosponsors of the defensive marriage act. and he voted against giving gay couples the right to adopt. today for the columbus dispatch, portman wrote, i wrestled with how to reconcile with my desire to pursue happiness and fulfillment as his brother and sister. but among congressional republicans, he has staked out a lonely position. florida senator, marco rubio was one of several lawmakers this week who reaffirmed their opposition to same-sex marriage. >> just because i believe that states should have the right to define marriage in a traditiona
and qualify for re-- smoke qualify for rewards if they enter a quitting plan. >> the changes are about us, each of us taking personal accountability for our own health. >> what's your message? >> you better get some pretty good legal council and decide whether your policy is really legal. because the policy as announced is not legal. >> reporter: employment lawyers say the company is trying to control what employees do on their own time. >> if we granted that right to employers, employers could tell employees who to date, what food to eat, what to drink, all kinds of behavior could be controlled, and that's absolutely not the law in california. >> reporter: we tried talking with several employees, some of whom were on a smoke break. >> no comment. >> reporter: knheers customers said cvs was overreaching. >> do you think that's acceptable? no, i don't want. it's not their duty to judge people's lives. >> does this make you want to shop somewhere else? >> i'm thinking about it. >> reporter: the surcharge goes into effect next year. and they'll have a reward system that if employees can pr
it started. we'll follow this and get back to you if it changes. >>> a man who spent two decades behind bars for the murder of a rabbi got his first taste of freedom today. the path to his release started with the confession about his nose. >> reporter: david renta walked out of a brooklyn courtroom carrying all of his belongings in a purple sack. he is a free man for the first time in more than 20 years. >> right now i feel like i'm under water swimming so i can't really just give an answer because this is overwhelming. >> you are free to go. [ cheering ]. >> reporter: a judge vacated renta's conviction in the 1990 murder of rabbi wertsberger. he was shot in the botched robbery. renta who was an unemployed drug addict matched the suspect's description but there was no physical evidence linking him to the murder. a recent review found flaws in the investigation. >> the evidence no longer establishes the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: detectives instructed him during a lineup to "pick the guy with the big nose." the district attorney's support for tossing out the co
a change and kind of throwing everything off. >> weather in southern california this time of year always clear and nice. >> we are setting a pattern change, as well. this one is going to be with us for about five days. you kind of saw and felt that change earlier today. clouds are still with us and overnight tonight those cloud sxhs increased on shore flow lead to some drizzle, fog, but also warmer overnight lows. concord 48, livermore 48, vallejo 48, san rafael 48. much miler than we have been recently. a few showers offshore but nothing moving on land tonight. there will be driz and will a chance of showers tomorrow. let's head up to clear lake for our microcliement forecast. you've got a chance to shower premeyerly north of the golden gate. mid 60s, 72, sunny and milder for you in lake county coming up on friday. here's the deal, here's the setup. remember for almost the entire winter we had the big ridge of high pressure off to our west? now, we have the opposite. it's an area of low pressure out of to the west flt it's feeding in this southwest flow which gave us the cloud cover, dr
changes are coming for this easter weekend. paul. >> i'll tell you what, we will see a big dip in temperatures coming in over the weekend. down to the 60s and then we're going to look at radar. already the evening, kpix5 is tracking some showers, just skirting the coastline. you may get a shower or two, but these showers will be moving inland. the same catalyst for the very warm and humid weather today. that's off to our west. will be the same storm system that slides into the bay area over the weekend and impact you both tomorrow and for easter sunday. a whole lot of cloud cover out there tomorrow morning with scattered showers. as the weekend wears on, not only will the threat of rain increase, but the threat of thunderstorms. we'll talk more about the thunderstorm risk and how much rain we expect this weekend. >> all right, looking forward to that, thanks, paul. >>> several shots fired in east oakland this afternoon. at least one causing flying debris that injured a ten-year- old girl. the bullets flew about 5:00 near the corner of 82nd avenue and 8th street. the girl was t
bypass they've created a new beer, tunnel vision ale. >>> another major change, toll takers disappear this wednesday on the golden gate bridge. cost co, safe way or walgreens is where you can purchase your cards. you can drive through and wait for a bill to arrive in your mail. do not stop at the toll plaza. >>> another soldier from the bay area has been killed in afghanistan. james griffin died last thursday. he was from hayward, went to mt. event event event deny. this was his fifth overseas deployment. he's survived by his wife, parents and sister. >>> a man accused of killing at quant co says he's not the type to do this type of thing. marine core investigators say he killed lance corp practical and corp practical inside the barracks and then killed himself. >>> authorities are knocking on doors to see if you're home to see if you're home in san mateo county. if someone answer it is door they ask for directions but if no one is home they break in. if there is a suspicious
stolen by the state. the change in the work to reunite residents with money left behind. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we begin tonight with developing story out of san jose. a high speed chase ends with officers shooting and killing a suspect. neighbors capturedthe dramatic scene on city treesen -- streets on their cell phones. and eventually ended near the intersection of blossom and carelo avenues. kpix 5's don knapp reports. >> reporter: and police are not talking specifically about a gun being used by the suspect although they do say a threatening motion was made. but the lethal weapon in this case was the suspect's own vehicle which he used to ram three police cars. what began as a solo officer chasing a suspect ended up with this, multiple police cars and ultimately shooting the suspect. it began in a residential neighborhood at camden and union about 2:30 in the afternoon according to san jose police sergeant. with what an officer decided was a driver acting suspiciously. when he approached the car dwyer says the car sped off and later when the officer caught up with him the
buy the stock? >> no. the french brought the bread to vietnam and the vietnamese changed it, so, it is not quite baguette. you can make it inside or outside, you can buy a certain texture of bread. you buy a french baguette. a country loaf may be too hard. >> that is fabulous. you can see the fresh greens pouring out of there. >> this is a classic meatball and pickle cilantro. we have a spring roll and papaya solid. >> and this is a? >> the salad is shades of green papaya, fried solid and tofu. >> i would never -- fried salad and tofu. >> i would never think to put those things together. i don't have the talent. >> well, i wanted to do a book that gives people the basic technique of the stir fry grill. >> you said i am a home cook. >> yes. this is all home stuff. i basically take home cooking and convert it into restaurant cooking. now i have to change all the recipes back to home because we make it by the bucket. >> it is hard to find things like lemon grass? >> no, but if you are in alaska and you can't find vietnamese mint, there are other mints, substitutes. >> you ca
donations. the abstract ever changing light installation is meant to capture the very heartbeat of the bay bridge and its surroundings. designed the sequences you see, they are controlled from a network of computers inside the bridge. >> the computers are applying the sequences in a random order for a random amount of time. it is combining itself on the fly. >> a dazzling display of performance art that will show from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. nightly until 2015. >> you can imagine anything you want in these lights. >> san francisco mayor, ed lee, is already imagining the light as a more permanent if pixture fixture on this bridge. >> i will predict that people, including myself, will want this to be on going, certainly during my lifetime. >> and back here live, you can see the lighting sequence in motion. it was designed to reflect the energy of the water in the bay and the traffic over the bridge as well as the wind, all without drivers ever seeing the lights as they are crossing the bridge. the artist was asked when he spoke to the press today about whether in the future, down the l
attorney says the aids changed their statements and the charges will not hold up in court. >> and republicker, mc hammer is tweeting charges have been dropped. the 50-year-old entertainer was stopped february 23, accused of ab of -- obstructing an officer. hammer called his arrest, quote, racial profiling. >>> california man has gone from unemployed to a multimillionaire after winning the california lottery. as cbs reporter shows us, he bought the winning ticket in walnut creek. >> some serious regulations. >> they smiled for the cameras as they were introduced as california's newest multimillionaires. super lotto jackpot. >> i can see who now want to be. >> they needed the luck. >> i was looking for a job because i lost my job recently. >> he was layed off several months ago as a copying manager after 16 years. he bought the winning lotto ticket in california. >> remove my eyeglasses and rub miys again and again. >> he rushed back to the gas station to check again. he wanted to remain unanimous until today's official announcement. a reporter was there to get his
in shelters. >> did that whole experience -- did it change you finding out that you were jewish and going through all of this? i think that some of it shapes us, but did it plant the seeds on what you do now? >> well, i did not know about the jewish part until i was a un bam bass corr. i was shaped by world war ii in terms of what rule the united states could play because in many ways the theme of my life was when the u.s. was not involved and what was made over czechoslovakia and terrible things happened. when the united states came in to world war ii, everything changed. the agreements made and the americans did not liberate czechoslovakia but the soviet union did. i do in the goodness of the american power and role, and i do think that we need to help where we can. i used to say that we were the indepenceable nation. there's nothing about the definition that says alone that with other countries we can help those that are in trouble. in fact, the last time that you were here we talked and you had a book that was called memo to the president elect and you wrote i usual you to concentrate
week and those who serve him will start finding out what styles he's going to change. the catholic faithfuls of brooklyn will be watching with keen interest. >> well, you can take a look at some of those scandals. we'll see what he does. >> reporter: and what he is doing now seems to be exactly wh both the people and those who chose this entirely new kind of pope want. bringing the church back to its roots. cbs news, rome. >> the vice president joe biden will lead a u.s. delegation to rome for the installation ceremony of pope francis on tuesday. the republican governor of new mexico and house minority leader nancy pelosi will join the delegation. >>> bag pipes, dancing and celebrating all things green. still to come a great time at the second biggest st. patrick's day parade in the country. >>> revving up for a weekend riding tradition in the north bay. coming up next, the extra patrols at slamming the breaks on wreckless driving. >>> okay, you've got to take a good look at this as we cannot get enough peek at the beautiful bay bridge all lit up tonight. we'll have another day of
change the skin. it obviously does more than just lift the brows. it can lift your jaw line and your jowls, plump up your cheeks, smooth deep creases around your nose and mouth. >> our microcurrent+ facial toning system is safe, it's gentle, it's effective. it can work for everyone, men or women. i keep mine right next to the bed and i either do it at night while watching the news or sometimes i'd do it first thing in morning to start my day with a great lift. it sort of wakes up the face. so morning, night, anytime. just use it or you lose it. now, i understand we have a caller on the line. hi, what's your name? >> my name's jane. >> mindy and cecilia: hello, jane. >> now we understand you have a microcurrent+, is that right? >> oh yes, and i just love the machine. i tell you, i look forward to every day when i use it. >> good and so, has anyone noticed yet that you've done something different? >> well, first of all, the most important person and that would be my husband, so yes, he has noticed it. and then recently i was on skype with my kids and my daughter-in-law was nudging my s
this neighborhood is changing a lot. it's -- definitely gentry fying but still you have pockets of violence here that are persist tent. >> reporter: in january, he ends the holidays and heads back to oregon saying san francisco, it's been real. see you in a couple of months. then last week, he sends -- finally done with my last class, break time. on his twitter page he writes -- i'm mischievous and i'm calculated. the violence that took his life leaves his father inconsolable. those gathered at his house allowed photos but would not talk about the crime or the victim. we now know he was a student at lewis and clark in portland, oregon majoring in economics and played football his freshman and sophomore years. in san francisco he lettered twice as a wingback and defensive back. the neighbor teach history in the bay view. he has views on gang activity here. >> as a teacher it's important that we provide students with opportunities so that they have choices when they graduate from high school. without choices, there's more of a lickly hood that -- likelihood that people will be involved in -- in th
changed. as a result they red tagged three homes. the 61-year-old water pipe gave way wednesday morning causing flood of damage. the cause of the break is still under investigation. >>> and state tax payers are picking up the tab in california pension manager fund to hawaii. >> a lot of eyebrows being raised, the same people overseeing pension innings basically going broke. >> reporter: who would not want to come here? not the hundreds of people nationwide that helped manage public pension plans. the annual conference in may happen to be at the hilton hawaii village resor, and all- paid trip to sun, surf and sand to talk shop. the estimated cost, up to $3,000 a person. >> someone need to go. if you pay deuce why would you belong to an organization and not go? >> reporter: man is an employee of the retirement association. despite the trouble, government pension plans have suffered in the struggling economy, yet they see nothing wrong with a trip to high paid for by pension plans. >> it happen to be in waii and people make a big deal. i understand, it is a very nice place. i just --
in the bay area. a new proposal to change gun shows in one bay area community. our conversation with state senator mark leno next. >> and a closer look at a homeless situation in the south bay and the challenges faced by people forced out of their tent city. >> this is ugly. this is ugly! oh, my goodness. >> and fists flying on the baseball diamond. the ball game brawl with any traditional haggling. >> and as we have mostly sunny skies to start the day out, nice warm week ahead. the toner -- entire forecast after we look at some early going chilly temperatures. the forecast after the break. ,,,, >> as we look at the bay bridge, first opened on november 12th, 1936. the sunrise at 7:28. tonight, sunset, 7:13 p.m. ,,,,,,,, canada was leading mexico ne to three in the ninth inning when a canadian player dropd down a bun . >> yikes. a brawl broke out during the world baseball classic. canada was leading mexico and dropped down the bunt. the mexican pitcher was offended by the play as he drove another canadian batter in the inning and you see the results of that. the police officers had to resto
. we'll be patchy tomorrow morning. and there are other changes as well. we'll be looking for increasing clouds and a scattered showers on sunday. temperatures colder for saturday and then after break on monday, we'll get more rain by late tuesday. it's because high pressure has been in full comont command. a series of storms coming out of the gulf of alaska. art record highs, we'll get a chance of rain moving into the bay area by sunday. it's not going to amount to much and it will probably peter out. but for us, sunday looks wet and more coming in midweek. do you can see the system out in the pacific. this is beginning to split as it heads over western washington. for us, we'll increase high clouds and look for the numbers to be not quite as warm tomorrow. we'll see it behind filtered crowds. expect this. dry, we will look for things to get into the 70s for sacramento. 81 in fresno. some fog. and the pinpoint forecast is calling for 70 at concord, 71 at liver more. 70 degrees at napa. in the extended torest. that's when we see the clouds. monday we get a break. we'll go
. >>> we are in for a big change. the weather, in the bay area, will be different by this time tomorrow. brian is tracking this next system with our high-def doppler radar. >> liz, the weather will be a factor for the folks trying to pull that boat. winds will be up and waves up and rain is going to come down tomorrow afternoon all because of that low pressure sitting in the gulf of alaska. it will head south toward the california coastline. we expect clouds to increase. rain will begin late on tuesday. clouds increase during the day, rest of the area, after night fall then on again off again fashion we will have more rain through thursday. how much and when we will cover that when we do the forecast later. >> thank you. >>> 24 hours ago a teen was shot and killed in campbell. tonight the community came out to remember him. kit doe tells us, this is campbell's first homicide in six years. >> he was a regular kid with modest dreams but a super sized love for life. >> my advice to everyone, while mourning, aspire to be everything opposite of what caused him that pain. >> tonight 150 peopl
station and at a bank and changed the locks here and monitoring the bank account. she did such a good job, that the police department actually half jokingly offered her to apply as a detective at the department. >> kit doe in san jose, thank you. >>> the south bay is getting soaked tonight. here is a look at our kpix high deaf dop lar. >> doppler. >> north of the golden gate, barely a drop of rain fall. look at the radar light up with yellows, oranges, and reds towards san jose and the south bay. that has been the bulls eye and continues to be this evening. picking up light to moderate rain fall. north up to fremont and light to moderate rain for san mateo. some light showers now making it back up to san rafael and up and down the peninsula. light rain continues south to palo alto. how much rain? a decent rain amount for san jose, zaire toe -- saratoga. >>> some new details on that deadly lion attack at a central valley sanctuary. kpix5's joe vazquez found out the young intern had no intention of getting close to the big cat that even eventually killed her. >> diana hanson was not p
this today because of the change in the schedule made two years ago that will eventually allow the eastbound and westbound lanes to be opened at the same time. >> because of some strategic planning they're able to move all the traffic safely out of the way and finish this project. >> reporter: in february of 2012 the westbound bridge was closed to move the current westbound lanes to the south, far enough to make room for the construction of the new eastbound lanes. >> with that westbound traffic out of the way they could then demolish those original westbound lanes and finish the eastbound deck. >> reporter: that replaced the original plan which would have opened the new westbound plan a half a year before the eastbound lanes. >> we're happy that we're able to open it to all the driving public at the same time. >> reporter: these grooves are being etched into the fresh concrete to help reduce noise, they can start taking down the temporary support after seven days and this final section will stand on its own. another milestone of the $6.4 billion project. . >>> and there are 177 days until t
. >> at the rate how fast it was coming out that could have made us just -- a life changing difference. >> three yellow tagged for limited use and 17 other the water damage, along with a dozen cars. >> there may have been complaints about how fast workers responded but the city is promising a complete fix. >> we're going to step up to the plate and make sure we get the repairs done and into their home. whether their insurance is covering it or not, the city's going to make sure the residents are whole. >> we want to set up a storefront so people can have a centralized location and also maybe get permits so when they start the building repair they won't go v to go downtown to get -- have to go downtown to get these permits. >> i can now hear -- since the day of the break, i've been out here since 3:00 in the morning so i know most of the residents by name and their kids. >> the victims take promise to make sure the ground beneath them is safe. >> and as neighbors wait to find out, some backyards in the neighborhood are sinking as the soil underneath them shifts. some people are finding new cracks
reason to believe he will bring changes to the church. >> pope francis celebrated his first mass as pontiff the same place he got the job. his appearance before the cardinals who elected him brought closure to the conclave. pope francis delivered his homily off the cuff in italian, not from a prepared statement in latin. the day featured other breaks from tradition. he travel around rome in a volkswagen. a much more humble ride. when he stopped to pray, it was at a small church when he frequented when he was in rome. afterward, he checked in last week as a cardinal. he picked up his own bill and talked to management about settling his bill. he will give his address from the balcony. on tuesday, he'll celebrate his mass, no tickets will be required. the vatican says everyone is invited. the pope's fondness for being among the people has the vatican adjusting his security detail, but there's been a recent precedent for that. >> remember john paul ii, how many rules that he broke in terms of security and going where he wished to go. >> pope francis ended his first full day by uns
of violence. police still can't explain why he suddenly changed. cbs news. >> the suspect was not registered for any spring classes. investigators are still looking into why he was on campus. >>> the use of 60-millimeter medical reporters have been banned after eight marines died during a training exercise involving that weapon. it happened overnight at the hawthorne army depo. investigators say a medical morter round exploded. the force from north carolina. the hawthorne depo is used by the marines, army, and navy for training. >>> a hiring boom happening right here in the bay area if you haven't noticed, despite what the numbers say. at 8.9%. the state's jobless rate is the highest and it's not expected to go down much this year. but, the bay area is a different story all together. the trickle up economics fueling a small business job boom. >> linda and susan just started a new company. they planned sales events looking to buy and sell used children's clothing and supplies. and this is what makes it real for them. an official company logo. >> we have been using it on our business cards,
on the changes that can come from this. >> meanwhile some families of the victims are featured in an anti-gun tv commercial that's running. the ad urges congress to act on gun control measures. >>> reboiling that talk about banning the assault weapons after the connecticut school massacre? well that's not going to happen. even the house minority leader is saying as much. and so now what? well, pelosi sat down this afternoon with our reporter. >> if the votes aren't there for an assault weapon's ban, do you see that as a point to strengthen the call for background checks? >> well, i would like to see that there would be a vote for the assault weapon bans. but if the assault weapon bans are allowed to continue, it heightens the need for the strongest possible background checks. there should be no excuse for someone to say that we don't really need a strong background check bill because we've eliminated some of the dangerous weapons. after newtown and now all that we know, if we do not act upon that and have an effective strong background checks that do the jobs, shame on us. >> reporter: we have n
about this, it changes from locations. someone was asking, what about if you're driving on the bay bridge, can't see it right? there you go, bay bridge under mostly cloudy skies right now. in oakland, 52. to the west, san francisco 48. substantially cooler than it was 24 hours ago. meanwhile, today was cooler than it was yesterday. a pair of 5s in pacifica. 67degrees in san rafael. a few raindrops in santa rosa. did you see that very quickly. your overnight lows, 30s and 40s. areas of patchy fog. tomorrow will kick start with some clouds, end up with some sunshine and the rain begins by tuesday evening. commute this week, trough is out of here. moving to the east after a few raindrops. more importantly, it opened the door for this. a more potent, stronger, rainy system. associated with it. tation but we do have some cooler air mass, and it will begin to invade the bay area as early as this. watch your future cast. here's tonight with the cloud cover, and areas of patchy fog. here is your monday. we went through it dry. tuesday, 11:00 a.m., to the north, you see that frontal boundar
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